Cut & Style

Cut & Blow Dry

All cutting Services are completed with a blow dry. We do not offer ‘wet cuts’ as this compromises the stylist’s ability to check the shape and behaviour of the haircut.

Often the hair needs texturizing/personalising once the hair is dry.

All haircuts are guaranteed for up to 2 weeks after your appointment. Please let us know if there is anything you’re not totally in love with!

Occasionally some hair is suitable to cut dry, you would need to discuss with a stylist before this can be offered.


Dry Style

A 15 minute appointment for people happy to wash and dry their own hair at home and just want movement and/or a braid put in the hair to finish the look.

If Hair pieces/wefts etc need adding a double appointment is needed.


Fashion Hair Up

For people arriving with clean, dry hair and just want movement and hair put up in a style or movement put in and hair wefts adding. (Hair wefts are not included and must be purchased as well as this service)


Fashion Hair Up & Pre Prep

This is the complete service. Hair is washed, dryed, prepped and put up into a style. (Hair wefts are not included and must be purchased as well as this service)


Bridal/Event Hair

Speciality hair. A consultation/Trial is needed prior to this appointment if for Bridal Hair.

Price is quoted on consultation/trial.

A 50% deposit is payable upon booking following a successful consultation/trial.

Travel to a venue/abroad can be arranged.

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